PVBC Doctrinal Statement 


The Remodled Old Church and School Building

  1. Core Values


We believe absolute truth exists, that it comes from God, and that it is set forth in the Bible, God’s Holy Word. It is without error, and the ultimate and only guide to salvation and the conduct of our lives.


God is real, being an all powerful, all knowing, ever present, eternal being. He is holy, loving, merciful, just, unchanging and in control of all things.


God is love and His love is universal and is available to every person ever born. God’s love for human kind is so vast and intense that He provided a way for us to be with Him eternally. There has never existed, nor ever will exist, a person so vile that God’s redemptive love cannot save and transform him to Christ likeness through the power of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity. 


Jesus Christ is the second person of the trinity, being the eternal Son of God. Because God loves us so much He sent Jesus to earth to become fully man. In His life he was tempted in every way we are but He committed no sin. He willingly gave His life as a substitute (sacrifice), for our sins shedding His own blood in our place. The only way to obtain eternal life is through placing our trust in Jesus Christ and his death, burial and resurrection.


Satan is a real being. He is a fallen angel who aspired to be like God and steal His glory. The Bible says that Satan was defeated at the cross through Christ’s blood and that his eternal destination is the lake of fire, which was prepared for him and his angels (demons). Until that time Satan is the “god of this world” promoting lies counter to the truth of God’s Word to blind and deceive humanity. The Bible states that not only Satan and his angels will spend eternity in the lake of fire but also all who reject God and His Son.


The Biblical view of the world and the universe is in most cases contrary to all other world views and our role in it. The biblical world view is supported by true science. There has never been a scientific discovery or a historical fact that contradicts Scripture.


The institution of the family was established by God and is the building block of all society. God’s design is that one man and one woman should unite in marriage until death, teaching their children to love, obey and serve God with their lives. The primary role of the man and father is to spiritually lead, protect, provide for, love and instruct his family. The primary role of the woman and mother is to love, respect and submit to her husband, love and train her children and care for the home. This is a complementary relationship that is pleasing to God.


All believers (adults, children, youth, etc.) should show proper respect and obedience to their parents and to others in positions of authority (i.e. teachers, church leaders, law enforcement, other adults, etc.) to the extent that it does not violate God’s Word.


We believe in a loving and gracious God and at the same time recognize that He sometimes allows terrible suffering, loss of loved ones, war, disease, genetic abnormalities and other heart rending situations in our life and the lives of others for the good of those who love Him and for His greater glory. 


We show our love for God by obeying and loving Him (“Loving God with all our heart, soul, and strength, and mind”), but that love often takes the form of reaching out to, loving and caring for others in everyday life and when life’s trials hit (“Love your neighbor as yourselves”). 


We believe that for every contemporary issue that we encounter (i.e. abortion, euthanasia, suicide, drugs, sexuality, etc.) we can find guiding truth principals to help us confront that issue in the Bible. God’s Word is never outmoded or “out of date”.


A Christian’s character should reflect biblical values, be based on the life of Christ, lived out daily, and apparent in all relationships and in all situations. For example, we should be compassionate, kind, humble, gentle, patient, forgiving, loving, joyful, steadfast, pure in speech, content, respectful, truthful, obedient, faithful, submissive to authority, grateful, and self controlled with a strong work ethic, working as unto the Lord.


Everything we have is God’s, He is the owner we are His managers (stewards). Whether it is our lives, money, talents or possessions we are to use them as He directs and for the end of bringing Him glory. Thus, in all decisions we are to seek His will and godly advice through His Word, prayer and those who walk closely with Him.


We believe that as Christians these values set a high standard and a worthy goal and that they can only be attained by knowledge of God’s Word, and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.  We commit our lives to this and commit to a continually developing intimate and passionate walk with our Lord so that He can shine His glory through us! We also commit to loving our brothers and sisters in Christ and constantly encouraging them in their walk.